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Lineolated Parakeets
Lineolateds are one of the least known species I breed, along with the brown heads, but at least with the brown heads I can say, "they're Poicephalus, like Senegals only with less yellow"... With the Lineos, I'm stuck with saying this: Lineolateds are small, lovebird-sized parrots, green with black barring.  See pictures for further reference :-)
Pickles, male Lineolated Parakeet
Lineolateds, while not well known now, I expect will gain popularity as people realize they're around... And realize what neat little pets they make!  Like parrotlets, lineolateds can be described as "big parrots in little bodies".  They have a lot of personality in a little package!  While I hate to compare one species directly with another, I would say lineolateds are generally less feisty and aggressive than most parrotlets (specifically Pacifics).  All of mine seem to have very even, easy going temperaments, not leaning towards very shy or very aggressive.  While they pair bond like all parrots and will have their "favorite" person (or bird), they also are usually very good about socializing with people other than their "favorites".  This means that they often make good family pets, and with handling will often stay tame even in pairs.

I have one pair of Lineolateds, Pickles and Dill.  They're about three years old and a proven pair.  They were hand-fed... They're not tame but they're not real people shy, either.  Pickles does get aggressive when they're nesting, though!  They're normal greens - Lineolateds also come in blue, olive, cobalt, lutino and other colors, though these are naturally higher in price.

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