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Lineolated Links List
Lineolateds are awfully hard to find information on, whether on the internet or off (easier on!), and I'm on a constant search for more websites and links.  Here is a list of everything I've found, whether actually useful or just a tiny bit of information, and a few other odds and ends!  If you've spotted a lineolated-related link I've missed, please let me know!
    The only book I could find with any appreciable information on Lineolateds was "The Complete Guide to Parrotlets", by  Matthew M. Vriends.  It includes some lovely photos including photos of the color mutations.  Like a lot of the information available on lineos, though, most of it would be more of interest to a breeder than a pet owner.
Whispering Wings Aviary
    Breeds lineolateds, and also has the following three pages on their website.
Lineolated Parakeets
    Article with lots of info on keeping, breeding, colors, and some on lineos as pets.
Basic Colour Genetics
    By the same author as above, focusing on lineolated color mutations.  Unfortunately no photos.  Does anyone know of a website with photos of the different colors?  I'd love to see them!
Hand Raising a Baby Lineolated
    One author's experiances raising a baby, and some REALLY adorable photos of the baby!
    There is a nice article near the bottom on lineos, geared towards breeding them.
Roland's Parrots and Things
    Roland keeps lineolateds, and has a short article on them geared towards keeping them as aviary birds.
Lexicon of Parrots: Lineolated Parakeets
    Basic info on distribution, habits in the wild, subspecies etc.
Bolborhynchus lineola
    This is in Portuguese (I think), but it's mostly photos, anyway.
ParrotLand - Bolborhynchus lineola
    If anyone can translate this for me, please do so!  I don't even know what language it's in.

Lineolated Photos:
Pickles & Dill
    My pair, just after I got them.
    My male lineolated.
    A close-up of his cute little face :-)
    Attacking the camera.  At this point I gave up taking pictures!
Cricket & Katydid
    Two of my baby lineolateds, recently weaned.
    Young lineolated parakeet.
    Another lineolated owner sent me a couple pictures of her bird.
    Another photo of Gobi playing.