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The Birds
Just some various info on the birdies, my pairs, prices, availability etc.!
Click on the species name for a picture (I'm not guaranteeing a very good one ;-).  Prices, by the way, are as a rule for fully weaned and completely (very very) tame babies.  I don't sell unweaned, except to experianced hand-feeders... feel free to ask about unweaned pricing in that case, but keep in mind I may ask for references regarding your hand-feeding experiance.
Ring Neck Doves - I have one pair of doves; "Dove", the female, is a Tangerine pied, and "Pigeon", the male, is a normal pied.  Imaginative names, I know.  All the babies are pied... in lots of different colors, from a light peach color to a dark chocolate color.  I ask $7-$15 for doves, depending more on how badly I need to sell some than anything else!  They make neat pets; great kids pets, too, they're easy to handle and incapable of biting.
Budgerigars - More commonly known as simply "parakeets".  Right now I have just one pair: Reebok, a part English yellow-wing green, and Olive, a half English cinnamon gray-green.  Both are lovely birds, bigger than your average "American" budgie but smaller than your average English budgie... my favorite type!  They have had gray-green, yellow-wing green, lutino, and yellowface gray babies, and there are more combinations that I should be able to expect in future clutches.  I ask $30 for my hand-fed and VERY tame budgie babies... which may be more than the pet stores but you're getting a better pet bird, trust me!
Peach Face Lovebirds - I have one pair of lovebirds, Spook and Polly, a green and an Australian cinnamon.  I pride myself in my EXTREMELY tame and sweet lovebird babies!  Lovebirds tend not to be as tame as they could be, even when hand-fed, unless they're handled a LOT during raising... and if they are, they make wonderful pets, much tamer and sweeter than their reputation might lead you to believe!   I ask $50 each for mine, and they're well worth it.
Cockatiels -I have various cockatiels (probably more than any other one species depending on who's here currently!), but only one pair that breeds regularly for me: Lily & Ike, an albino and a whiteface pied.  They produce whiteface grays and albinos, all of which are split to pied.  Both Lily & Ike seem to like people and aren't entirely untame: I literally lift them off the nest to inspect eggs or babies!  Their babies are wonderful, have very nice personalities and a good percentage of the males have learned to talk.  I ask $70 for the whiteface grays and $90 for the albinos.  I have cockatiel babies whenever I put a nestbox up, more or less.

Lineolated Parakeets - These are little birds, also known as "Barred Parakeets".  See this page for more.  They're about the size of a lovebird and have really nice personalities; very calm and curious, niether particularly shy nor particularly aggressive, and they're definately "big birds in little bodies"!  I consider them probably better in overall pet qualities than lovebirds or parrotlets in most situations.  They can talk too!  My pair is Dill and Pickles, and they are proven, but I haven't had them long enough to tell you when they're likely to produce.  I've been asking $125 each for babies.

Green Cheek Conures - My pair of Green Cheeks is Scooter, the male, and Peanut, the female.  They were my first breeding pair, and probably one of my favorites, too, not just 'cause they were the first either!  BUT, they make iffy parents at best, and I've had horrible luck with them, usually I have to hand-feed from day one, which means stuffing a drop or two of food into little tiny beaks every two hours or so!  Dispite that, they're great fun to raise and I just adore them.  I ask $225 each for them, which is more than I used to ask and a bit more than the "going rate" but I figure I should make an attempt at getting back what I put into them!  They're worth it, anyway, these guys are special :-)  They're usually available around winter and/or spring.

Black Cap Conures - Black caps are very closely related to green cheeks, and look similar... actually they're a bit prettier in my opinion, with more sharply defined patterns.  They're similar in personality to green cheeks, too.  I only just got my single pair (Piper & Mage), and they're not proven yet, either, so it may be a while before I have baby black caps!

Peach Front Conures - I finally have one male and one female peach front conures (Alex and Jill); they're still in the process of getting to know each other, but they are what I'd call "bonded" at this point so maybe I'll get babies some day!  Both Alex and Jill talk and are semi-tame and generally like people, so I should get some really great babies!

Jenday Conures - I just got my only pair of Jendays (Jareth & Sarah), and figured it would be a while till I'd have babies, but at this writing (2/9) they're already sitting on their first egg!  They were proven before I got them so they should do just fine at parenting.  They're a beautiful pair, with lots of color (more red than many Jendays) and fairly tame too... the female would step up and give me kisses before she got all "nesty".  I plan to ask $275 for babies.

Nanday Conures - My pair of Nandays (Jim Bob and Castalia) are a bit of a rescue situation... I bought them mainly because they were being housed in a garage (with winter coming on) and being fed wild bird seed.  Still, from what the previous owners said, they have been DNA sexed and even proven at some point, so I should get babies!  For what it's worth, I consider Nandays among the best pet birds out there for anyone that can stand a little noise (and that's true of almost all conures), and for a pretty darn good price to boot - they usually cost about half what sun conures and some others do!

African Brown Head Parrots - These guys are in the Poicephalus family, closely related to Senegals, Meyers, and Red Bellies.  They're somewhat less colorful than those species, mainly just green and brown, but in my opinion they make up for it with their extra sweet personalities.  For more info visit this page.  I have one pair, Booker and Sasha, who have given me quite a few beautiful babies and usually breed during winter/spring-ish.  I usually ask $350 for brown heads but am generally negotiable since they're unfortunately hard to sell... undoubtedly because not a whole lot of people have heard of them!  Which is a shame, they're really wonderful birds, and I'm not just saying that 'cause I have babies to sell!

Double Yellow Head Amazons - I just got this pair... they are my first pair of "big" parrots and I'm thrilled with them!  I tried my best to find a good, reliable proven pair so hopefully they should present me with babies with no problems.  The male is "Dillion" and the female "Miss Kitty".  They are BIG and just gorgeous!