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Nanday Conures
My Nandays -
    My pair of Nandays are Castalia and Jim Bob.  They're sort of a rescue case.  I saw an ad for a "conure pair" in the local classifieds, and figured I'd give them a call (not like I had money to spend...).  They didn't know what kind of conures they had, so I figured I'd at least go over there and find out that much.
    They were being housed in the garage, fed a wild bird seed mix, but seemed like nice enough birds.  According to the owners they were "genetically sexed" and had had a baby for the previous owner.  They said they were selling them because the husband didn't have enough time for them... but I think the real reason had more to do with the wife's not liking them in the house (too messy and loud) and winter coming on!
    They're perfectly lovely birds in basically good feather, although Castalia does pluck a little on her belly area.  Both were obviously hand-fed, and the previous owners said they were fairly tame... but personally, all I've ever gotten them to do is bite me!
    Anyway, that's how I ended up with a pair of Nandays :-)
Monster -
    And then there's Monty.  Monty is my friend Jes' bird, but he gets to stay at my house.  Jes bought him about six years ago, after she saw him in the pet shop.  I was rather jealous at the time, since I had no birds and thought he was simply the most gorgeous, intelligent creature I'd ever met... and that's more or less what got me into birds ;-)
    Later, Jes moved into an apartment and took a job which took up most of her time, and Monty ended up over here.  He has never been the most, uh, "sociable" bird and it took me a while before he stopped trying to bloody me because I wasn't the one he wanted.  He still is not nearly devoted to me as he is to Jes, but tolerates me on a "I want petting and you're the only one around to give it to me" kind of level.  He can be a perfect sweetheart when he wants to be!
Nandays in General -
    I've always been a huge fan of Nandays, and think they get kind of a bad rap.  People just don't seem to think they're very desirable, or are too loud.  They ARE loud - but they're no louder than Suns or Jendays, and are nearly as lovely, and are quite a bit less expensive.  They're very intelligent and many people have had great luck trick-training them.  They're cuddly, sweet, and loyal.  Basically, I would recommend Nandays to anyone considering any other conures, as long as you can tolerate a bit of noise!