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Lineolated Parakeets
Description: Lineolateds a little birds that few people know about.  They're about the size of a lovebird, green, with black barring and short tails.  Brown eyes, not so dark as a cockatiel's, and light colored feet and beak.
Pet Qualities: Lineolated make great little pets.  I havn't been able to find a great deal of info on them out there, and since I have yet to raise babies I don't have much experiance with them myself, but everything I have read says great things about their pet qualities.  My pair certainly do seem to have really neat personalities and are very affectionate to each other; in hand-fed birds, this affection is transferred to people, and if the pair is any example, than these guys would make very cuddly, sweet pets!
Noise & Talking: Noise-wise, my pair seem to be about as quiet as budgies, and the noise they make is more peasant; almost bell-like little beeps.  When upset they make somewhat louder call-notes, but even these are not bothersome.  Talking...?  I simply don't know!
Price: Most I've seen for sale were around $150.  The mutations, of course, are higher.
Cage: At least 18" square.
Diet: A standard pellet/fruits/veggies/etc. diet is fine for these guys; so far as I have been able to find out, they have no special nutrition requirements.
Misc. Comments: My pair really enjoys bathing, especially being sprayed, and will twist and turn on the perch to get every inch of their bodies wet, much like my cockatoo.  They use their feet like hands to hold stuff, like the larger parrots; they also pin their eyes when excited like larger parrots.  They like to use their nestbox to sleep in, whether or not they're breeding; in a pet situation, a nestbox should still be provided, or perhaps a Happy Hut or similar product.
I haven't been able to find much of anything, but here is what I *have* found: