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African Brown Heads:
My Brown Heads!
My pair of brown heads came from a veterinarian in Vermont, who got them right out of quarantine; they were wild-caught in Africa in 1993.  They naturally are very shy of me, though they've gotten better since I've had them and now seem somewhat less than panicked in my presence.  They give me perfectly beautiful babies two or three times a year, anywhere from one to four babies in a clutch.  They make wonderful parents too! 
Flip Flop - Flip was from my first clutch of brown heads.  He now belongs to my aunt.  He started chewing his wing and tail feathers when he was a baby, and so far hasn't stopped, though he'll go through phases where he'll let them grow back for a while.  But basically, he's wing-less and tail-less... But still occasionally tries to take off, which is how he got his name!  He's a neat bird, though he likes to boss around his owner with well-placed nips!

And my babies (this is some of them!) - Fletcher, Kibitzer, Bean, Mel, Otis, Milo, Runt, Poofball and Pita.