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Sadly, my beautiful Josh passed away Jan. 3rd, 1999.  There isn't a bird in the world I could have been more horrified to loose, but there it is.  This page will remain here in it's entirety as a sort of memorial.
Joshua's Page.
Josh is my Quaker Parrot, and probably something like my best friend as well!
Josh, looking cute
Josh, looking typically Josh cute.
(Click on the pics to see the full-sized images - these are half-size)
I got Josh in September of '96; he was hatched the second of that month.  He was the first bird I ever hand-fed (not without a lot of research first!).  Ever since he's always been "the special one"; the other birds are loved just as much, but he's the one that's my constant companion.
He doesn't talk much; his favorite word "Quaker".  Sometimes "Quaker Bird" or "Quaker Parrot" but mostly just "Quaker".  "Up" and "What?" are two more.  Plus many, many, mostly very strange noises; from a VERY accurate cockatiel whistle to the noises that my pair of squeaky pliers make.  Not talkitive as Quakers go, but I'm not complaining!
Josh, preening them pretty feathers
I could talk forever about him, but I promised myself I'd keep this page short and at least vaguely interesting to people other than myself.  Personality-wise he's a very... Unique bird, but than I suppose all are.  But he's definately got more personality than I ever thought to ask from a bird... Let's just leave it at that!