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Dill & Pickles

Dill,the female, & Pickles, the male, are my Lineolated parakeet pair.  They came home with me March 20th, '99, from Mariann in IN.  They're two years old, and both were originally hand-fed and not really afraid of me... In fact, I rather think Pickles would take a chunk outta me if he could!
Dill & Pickles
This one's Dill, looking just a bit "eggy"... This was just before the second egg of their first clutch here. They're awfully cute little birds; tiny little guys, about the size of peach face lovebirds, but have a lot of characteristics of bigger birds - I was suprised.  First, they use their feet as "hands", like the bigger parrots do, which is just darn cute.  Second they "flash" or "pin" their eyes when excited, like when eating a favorite treat.
Pickles has a lot of personality, and is quite the little mimicker; he doesn't talk, but does a variety of noises, from the phone ringing (not MY phone... Mariann, what does your phone sound like?!?), to what I believe are baby budgie noises, as well as various chatter and other noises.

Pickles in attack mode

Pickles does get in his little aggressive moods, apparently especially when they're nesting.  This is the point when I gave up trying to take anymore pictures...

They're a proven pair, according the Mariann they had two clutches of 5 babies for her.  They'll eat ANYTHING and love variety.  They've quickly become one of my favorite pairs... They have a lot of personality and interesting mannerisms!