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Chip's Spot
Chip Chip is a blue streaked lory.  The story of how I got him isn't too entirely interesting: I've always liked lories, blue streaks were always favorites, and when I saw him at a bird fair this past August there was no way I could resist him!  

Chip is a hoot.  He is a very well adjusted, very active, very outgoing, and very intense little bird who's not afraid of anything!  He says "Hey Chip Chip!" and mimics many noises; lovebird squeaks, Bingo yelling (but in a little tiny lory voice!), cockatiel whistles, clicks, kisses, and he mumbles a lot, too.  He LOVES attention; he knows his name and will perk up whenever he hears it, and if he sees you looking at him he'll lean forward and beg to be picked up.  He loves kids and strangers, loves the other birds (especially Bingo), and will even play with the dog... Dragon is very gentle with him, but I always supervise them together only because I worry Dragon will roll over on him!  For Chip, everything and everybody is a toy and he spends as much time playing with them as possible!  

Chip loves to wrestle, loves to cuddle, and loves to take baths - bath time is always fun, I end up soaked and Chip ends up looking like a drowned rat.  Most birds prefer either spray baths or bathing in a dish - Chip prefers both.  At the same time.  

I think lories sometimes get a bad rap as pets - from having Chip, I can tell you, there aren't many better pet birds out there!