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A Page for Otis

Click on the links for the pictures... I figured that would be easier than putting all on this page, which would take forever to download!

Here he is the day he was hatched, on January 21st, 1999.  His egg was originally layed on December 26th 1998 (probably), he was the second in a clutch of four from my brown headed pair, Booker and Sasha.

Here he is on February 7th, a few days after he was pulled for hand-feeding.

This was taken on Feb. 10th... a little fuzzy, as I remember he wouldn't hold still!

This was taken Feb. 15th, and so was this one... he's banded by now as you can see, and he's just beginning to get pinfeathers (as you probably can't see in this shot!).

Two - one, two - pictures taken Feb 18th.

And one taken Feb. 19th.

And here he is on Feb. 24th.

One of his siblings was sold while still hand-feeding, so I only had 3 most of the time.  He's the one towards the left in this shot, taken on March 15th.

In this shot, you can see Otis on the right and the little one (Runt) on the left, on March 22nd.

After that I wasn't able to get to the camera for a bit (a friend was using it) so the next one was taken April 5th... Otis is towards the front, that's Mel in the back.

Here's one taken April 28th... he's definately weaned by now!

And then, the most recent one of them before my camera decided it no longer works, this is all 3 of them; Mel on the left, Otis in the middle, and Runt on the right.  Taken on June 3rd.